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Starting January, 2018


Starting January, 2018, Ridgeline Management Communities will begin implementation of our new Memory Care program, “Moments.”

While we’ll continue to provide the excellent care, services, and programming you’ve come to expect from us, this next year we will be doing even more. Each month we’ll have a new focus, and we’d love for you to participate and share your ideas and suggestions.

Our monthly focus schedule is as follows:
January – Introduction/Philosophy & Beliefs
February – Caregiver Wellness
March – Life Story & The Importance of being well-known
April – Caring for the Whole Person (Development through the Life Span and Basic Human Needs)
May – Understanding Dementia (and the diseases that cause it)
June – Communication
July – Environment & Routine
August – Dining & Nutrition
September – Activities & Pastimes
October – Personal Care, Health & Wellness
November – Understanding Behaviors (as Unmet Meets & Attempts to Communicate), Holistic Approaches
December – Caring for Families

We believe that through “Moments” we’ll be able to:

  • Help our residents become well-known to community staff
  • Improve relationships between residents and their family members, residents and our staff, and our staff and resident’s family members
  • Improve caregiver wellness, engagement, and retention
  • Help residents maintain their independence longer
  • Reduce use of PRN antipsychotic medications Reduce resident-to-resident and resident-to-staff altercations
  • Further our mission of “Creating environments where moments of joy, independence, and wellness are the focus each and every day.”

If you have questions regarding “Moments,” please feel free to reach out to Karilee Baird, KBaird@ridgelinemc.com or (971) 206-8754.