Ridgeline Signature Programs

RMC Balance Fitness

This very popular program is specifically designed for elders of varying cognitive and physical ability by Dr. Chuck McGlade, CEO of Ridgeline, and Patricia Endres, a Ridgeline Recreational Therapist.  This fitness program improves core strength, resulting in better balance and fewer falls.  We work with Physical Therapists and Primary Care physicians to report progress and improved functional fitness.


Wisdom Circle

Life seems to revolve around circles, our planet, moon, and sun. They also spin in circles.  As we are born we follow a cycle of life; birth, childhood, adulthood and the age of wisdom - elderhood.
We are embracing Elders and their wisdom through Wisdom Circles. In partnership with Teens, elders come together to sing together, to play together, to work on outreach projects together, and to discuss life issues. In this process we are harvesting the wisdom elders to benefit future generations.  Teens have raised issues such as bullying, relationships, life paths, peer pressure, and more.  As Elders share their life experiences, both generations come together in understanding, friendship, and mutual respect.


Aspen Grove

Aspen Grove is a holistic approach to cognitive, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Aspen Grove was created specifically for those who are experiencing early symptoms of cognitive decline. The elder works with a specially educated Elder-Guide. The Elder Guide has empathetic communication training to guide and support each person to follow his/her own unique path seeking peace and joy in elderhood. Aspen Grove includes individual and group work including cognitive enhancement tools,  exercise, nutrition, life story, and technology tools to maintain connection with family and loved ones who do not live close by.  Those with mild cognitive impairment and short term memory loss may benefit by prevention or delay of the decline in cognitive function, maintaining independence, and can remain in their Assisted Living environment, or at home longer. Designed by Ridgeline's Gerontologist, Validation Workers, and Eden Alternativeā„¢ Educators, Aspen Grove is based on innovative practices and research. 

Live Well!

Our Wellness services programs are based on best practices, and an elder-directed culture which encourages each elder to be directly involved with the care and services they receive.  A detailed evaluation and interview is conducted prior to move in with the resident, family, primary care provider, and key members of our Wellness team.  Elements of Live Well! Include the elder-directed service plan; open-dining/nutrition evaluation; medication assistance; reporting wellness progress to primary health care provider and measuring fitness improvement, such as weight, blood pressure, core strength; and RMC designed fall prevention program.  


Senior Idol

Senior Idol was originally conducted in Greeley Colorado, and then in Redding California.  Now a signature program, Senior idol can be replicated in any Ridgeline Community.  This is a collaborative community project, and a major annual event. The local community supports through partnerships, this competition for Senior talent age 55 and older.  Auditions take place at the community, and the event is held in a community theater or other setting.  In recent years, attendance has been sold out at 1,000 tickets.  Proceeds from the event are donated to local senior functions.

Ridgeline Signature Employee Retention Programs

Welcome Home to New Team Members

Belonging begins by knowing one another well.  Our Welcome Home new team member experience allows each person the opportunity to learn about our Mission, Vision, and Values, and to discover for themselves the reasons they are inspired to work in an elder-directed environment where elders rule, and team members rock! We foster a culture of caring where we care for the elders and for one another.  We also recognize that it is important to allow the elders to care for us.    Our golden rule is, "Do unto those you work with as you would have them do unto the Elders." We have extraordinary standards of service and character.   Our Welcome Home experience reinforces the role of each person in developing relationships that make each day at work meaningful and joyous.

Joy, Independence, Wellness (J.I.W) Team

Our mission is 'creating environments where moments of joy, independence, and wellness are the focus each and every day.'   Our team members are empowered to promote teamwork and a spirit of celebration through the J.I.W. team.  The team honors and respects one another through a positive and productive work environment committed to the mission of joy, independence, and wellness.  The team organizes birthday and anniversary celebrations, holiday parties, fund raisers for local charities, and may even produce an employee newsletter. They also coordinate a co-worker recognition program, where they can anonymously or in person write and post words of praise and thanks to team members who are living the mission.   Our teams work very hard, and they play hard too!



Ridgeline recognizes that those who are working the closest with the elders may have the most innovative ideas.  Ridgetips provides each team member the opportunity to make a suggestion for employee retention or recognition, cost savings, resident satisfaction, or community promotion.  Our suggestions may be implemented as best practice throughout all Ridgeline properties across the United States.  If the suggestion is for our community specifically, it is reviewed for recognition and implementation here.

Koepp Attendance Award

The Koepp attendance award was inspired by a Ridgetip from Marilyn Koepp.  She suggested that employees like her, who had worked 11 years without missing a day of work, always worked her schedule, was never late for work, and had a positive spirit - should be rewarded in some way.  This Ridgetip was implemented in all Ridgeline Communities.  Team members that have 3 consecutive months with no unscheduled absences or time off, and who clock in timely, and who have the J.I.W spirit (live the mission), are eligible for a bonus equivalent to 8 hours of pay!  


Ridgeline Rockstar

The Ridgeline Rockstar is an award given quarterly. One person from each of the Ridgeline Management Company communities is nominated based on their work ethic, commitment to elders and one another, as well as their expression of the J.I.W. spirit (living the mission of Joy, Independence, and Wellness). The president of Ridgeline, LisaAnn Shelton, sends a personal letter of recognition to each Rockstar. They also receive a certificate and special Ridgeline Rockstar T-shirt. All of the nominations are reviewed Mrs. Shelton and her team. One person in the company is selected each quarter as the Ridgeline Rockstar, and Mrs. Shelton presents the award in person, along with gifts and personal appreciation. Ridgeline Management recognizes the incredible work being done in the communities.



We know how important it is to balance work life with home life in order to be healthy and happy. Shifthound (www.shifthound.com ) is an on-line scheduling system that empowers each employee the opportunity to switch shifts, pick up shifts taking personal accountability to assure the elders are cared for. If a shift comes open, the employee may opt to get a text message or an email message delivered to their phone or home computer. They may then go on line and accept the open shift if they like. They also have the opportunity to switch shifts. This has streamlined the way we schedule, and our team members and supervisors love it!