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Ridgeline Management Company Memory Care

Alzheimer's and other age-related dementias are defined as a set of symptoms resulting from a degenerative brain disease. It manifests itself in a progressive loss of memory, language and judgment.

Despite progressive losses, we believe the memory-impaired can still continue to learn, communicate effectively, and live a purposeful life. Each person's life story is unique and we hope to have the opportunity to help them tell it and continue to write it!

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Ridgeline Management Company


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Ridgeline Management Company provides memory care at many of their facilities

Our approach to Memory Care is based on the following innovative programs:

Madeline's Song: An Alzheimer's Dementia program designed by Ridgeline's Gerontologist, Validation Workers, and Eden Alternative Educators, Madeline's Song is based on Senior-directed practices and research. Inspired by our own experience working with a woman named Madeline, who was non-verbal, and had severe behaviors, we were able to create a world for Madeline where love banished her fear, and she had a life worth living. Madeline regained some language at the end of her life, and she began to communicate through songs. She was able to live and die in joy and with peace. Madeline's Song includes group and individual work and provides specific training for care partners and family members. Based in our elder-directed culture and our empathetic communication techniques, we serve seniors with Alzheimer's or other dementias from early onset through end of life.