Ridgeline Management Company Wellness

Live Well!
Our Wellness services programs are based on best practices, and an senior-directed culture which encourages each resident to be directly involved with the care and services they receive. A detailed evaluation and interview is conducted prior to move in with the resident, family, primary care provider, and key members of our Wellness team. Elements of Live Well! Include the senior-directed service plan; open-dining/nutrition evaluation; medication assistance; reporting wellness progress to primary health care provider and measuring fitness improvement, such as weight, blood pressure, and core strength; and a Ridgeline-designed fall prevention program.

RMC Balance Fitness
This very popular program is specifically designed for seniors of varying cognitive and physical ability by Dr. Chuck McGlade, CEO of Ridgeline, and Patricia Endres, a Ridgeline Recreational Therapist. This fitness program improves core strength, resulting in better balance and fewer falls. We work closely with Physical Therapists and Primary Care Physicians to report progress and improved functional fitness among our residents.