Quality Assurance and Improvement

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Quality assurance and improvement is part of every day management at Ridgeline. There is an open line of communication between the community administrative staff and the home office support team. This is the best means of achieving understanding and trust, which is vitally important to the success of all communities.

In addition to open communication, Regional Directors conduct a thorough on-site quarterly review to ensure system and service quality throughout each community. Reviews cover every department and a plan of action is created and implemented for any areas in need of improvement. Service Plan meetings, conducted with the involvement of residents and their families, allow an opportunity for direct communication with health services staff. Annual resident and employee satisfaction surveys are conducted and reviewed by the home office. Additional oversight is given by our Marketing Director, Chief Financial Officer, Financial Analyst, and the President of the company as needed. With this multi-faceted management approach; quality is continually a top priority.